Guiding Questions:

How did immigrants imagine freedom as they interpreted the founding documents?

What "pulled" and "pushed" Mary Antin, and others like her, to immigrate to the United States?


We are going to pretend that you are the great-great grand-daughter or grandson of Mary Antin. Mary moved from Russia to the United States many years ago with her family. When people leave one country for another, it is called immigration.

Mary Antin was an immigrant to the United States. We are going to figure out how Mary and other immigrants imagined freedom in the United States.

We are also going to see if they knew what the Bill of Rights was and if that made them want to come here. The Bill of Rights is a piece of paper, like a law, that tells Americans about all the rights they have because they are citizens. Your job is going to be to try to figure out why Mary left Russia and why she came here, to the United States.

It’s a mystery!

Header Images: From cover of The Promised Land by Mary Antin, courtesy of Boston Pubic Library Print Department Holdings; The Taormina, from Wikimedia Commons

Background image: from TRITEC field trip to Ellis Island, NY