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Lesson Process

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Day 1:

Powerpoint Presentation

Mary Emma and Company by Ralph Moody

Your teacher will give a PowerPoint presentation that will include the following:

  1. Brief descriptions of the two memoirs and their authors:
  2. An explanation of memoirs and their use in historical research
  3. A look at primary sources; what constitutes a primary source?
  4. Quick review of online resources including:

Memoir Readings

You will break up into preassigned groups of 5 students and will be given readings, which you will do in class. The readings are:
  1. Each member of your group will read the same passage(s).
  2. You will take notes using the Readings Worksheet as a reading guide.
  3. Then each group will work together to answer the questions at the end of the Reading Guide. This information will be used for day 2 activities.


Book Cover Images: From Google Books.