Guiding Question:

How are political immigration restriction opinions developed and effect federal legislation?



It's 1916 and you are taking part in a congressional hearing at the Capitol building in Washington DC on the matter of immigration restriction . The Committee of Immigration and Naturalization is exploring its options on whether to restrict the number immigrants coming into the United States. The room is unbearably hot and humid as you wait your turn to speak to committee. You are nervous, but you have a passionate argument on the matter of immigration so you will put your fears aside to voice your opinion. August is a week away, the House must complete its bill on immigration restriction and get it to President Woodrow Wilson's desk before Congress' recess.

Header Image: Raymond O. Evans, The Americanese wall - as Congressman [John Lawson] Burnett would build it (1916), courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints and Phorographs Division, .