Guiding Question:

  • Who was Matthew Washington Bullock and why should I be interested in someone who lived so long ago?
  • Why do people immigrate /emigrate or move to new places like Everett, MA?
  • Why is Everett MA historically significant?
  • What makes a place like Everett unique and different?
  • What can the life of Matthew Washington Bullock tell me about migration and immigration to Everett, MA 1890-1920? How does it compare to mine?


Matthew Washington Bullock

Matthew Washington Bullock "I would have all young persons taught to respect themselves, their citizenship, the rights of others and all sacred things; to be healthy, industrious, persevering, provident, courteous, just and honest; neat in person and in habit, clean in thought and in speech; modest in manner, cheerful in spirit and Masters of themselves, faithful to every trust, loyal to every duty; magnanimous in judgement, generous in service and sympathetic toward the needy and unfortunate; for these are the most important things in life and this is not only the way of wisdom, happiness and true success, but the way to make the most of themselves and to be of the greatest service to the world."
-- Albert N. Parlin

America IS known as the "Melting Pot of the World" and assimilating or figuring out how we fit in to a new school, a new place or new country is something every immigrant and emigrant faces after they arrive at their chosen destination.

Matthew Washington Bullock, whose family moved from North Carolina to Everett, Massachusetts, presents an example on someone who moved from one place to another.

Header Image:Everett Public Schools Logo from the Everett Public Schools website

Inline Image: Matthew Washington Bullock, from the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts website.