The concept and the right to free speech --- the right to freely voice your opinion in writing, speech or action, and to do so with the protection of government and law --- and the courage to advocate for and exercise this right is essential to safeguarding all other democratic principles. By studying the lives, opinions, works and sacrifices of people such as Voltaire and Trotter, students are able to better understand the concept and the right to free speech, its historical importance, and perhaps most importantly, how they might use this cherished right to address issues of concern and importance in their lives, including fighting injustice and promoting equality and other democratic principles.

What role has this concept and right played in effecting social change in the past?

How has this concept and right transcended people, places, cultures, governments and other institutions?

How is this concept and right continuing to provide people with an essential vehicle for pursuing and achieving social change?

How will students utilize this concept and right in their lives?