Student Inquiry Questions:

How has "immigration" contributed to the narrowing and expansion of American civic ideals?


Recall that in Enlightenment Europe Voltaire passionately advocated for freedom of speech, in support of justice, and against oppression. However, his advocacy and speech on behalf of these causes was met with great resistance by authorities resulting in him spending time in jail on two occasions and being forced to flee his country on several other occasions. Recall, too, the impact that Voltaire had on the advancement of freedom of speech and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In the early 20th century United States, William Monroe Trotter, a Boston native and owner and publisher of the "Guardian" newspaper, confronted similar issues on behalf of himself and his fellow African-Americans --- millions of whom began to migrate from the South to the North in a historical period known as "The Great Migration" seeking more and better paying jobs, better education, greater rights and more opportunity to participate in the political process.