Guiding Questions:

How did immigrants try to fit in in America, while at the same time try to preserve their old traditions?



Imagine you have just moved to another country. In this new country everything is different. People talk different. They dress different. They eat different things. They have different holiday traditions.

Between 1890 and 1910 many, many immigrants from all around the world came to the United States. They left their countries to come to America and went through the things we just discussed. Some of these immigrants participated in classes and activities at places called settlement houses. At these settlement houses many classes were offered such as art, lacemaking, how to do laundry, and many more. Were these classes helping the immigrants become American? Were these classes allowing the immigrants to keep their own traditions?

It is your job to investigate these questions and then come up with classes and activities you think would be important for immigrants coming to America today.

Header Images: Eastern US Range Map, created by Alan Rockefeller; retrieved from Wikimedia Commons; Blank Map of Europe 1791; retrieved from Wikimedia Commons under the GNU Free Documentation License