Guiding Question:

Is the path to citizenship different for immigrants and people who are born here?


Antonio Pierro (1896-2007).  Image from the book The Long Way Home.

In this lesson, we are going to compare two men who fought for the United States during World War I.

The first man's name was Antonio Pierro and he is pictured in the top picture on the right. The other man was Joseph Wehner and he is pictured in the bottom picture on the right.

Your job will be to determine how they both became United States citizens and what it means to be a United States citizen.

Background Images: WWI posters from the Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs Online Catalog

Inline Image 1:Antonio Pierro from the book The Long Way Home: An American Journey from Ellis Island to the Great War by David Laskin

Inline Image 2:Joseph Wehner from the book New England Aviators 1914-1918 Volume 1 - page 90