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The supreme test of the nation has come. We must all speak, act and serve together.

 -- President Wilson,
      April 15, 1917

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Meet Joseph Wehner and Antonio Pierro

As we learn about Joseph Wehner and Antonio Pierro, try to figure out how each man became a United States citizen.

Joseph Wehner

Lt. Joseph Wehner

Antonio Pierro

Antonio Pierro from the book The Long Way Home

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What do we know about Joe Wehner and Antonio Pierro?

T Chart for Joseph Wehner and Antonio Pierro


Image 1: Lt. Joseph F. Wehner from New England aviators 1914-1918: their portraits and their records, Volume 1 By Caroline Ticknor p. 91

Image 2: Lieut. Joseph Wehner cartoon from web site by David Laskin

Image 3: Antonio Pierro from The Long Way Home: An Immigrant from Ellis Island to the Great War by David Laskin

Image 4: Ballot Box clipart from

Video 1: Youtube video World War I Survivor Antonio Pierro - VA news with David DeJonge

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