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Primary Sources

  1. Joseph F. Wehner,pg. 90
  2. High adventure: A Narrative of Air Fighting in France, 1918 by James Norman Hall - p. 144 "A Balloon Attack"
  3. Image of planes with spears to attack balloons
  4. From High Adventure p. 49 - American Flyers in France
  5. War Sonnets by Benjamin Collins Woodbury published in 1918
  6. p. 59 "Our Country" -
  7. Citizenship image from Library of Congress - They sang of America - Sweet land of Liberty
  8. Bombed German Observation Balloon
  9. Newspaper articles concerning the declaration of war and German immigrants having to register
  10. Joseph Wehner articles including obituary

Werner Links

  1. Joseph Wehner
  2. Wehner, Joseph Frank, 2d Lt
  3. "Terror of the Autumn Skies", Book
  4. Joseph Frank Wehner
  5. Name is often associated with Frank Luke
  6. Joe Wehner of Massachusetts
  7. Joseph Frank Wehner,Military Times
  8. New England aviators 1914-1918: their portraits and their records, Volume 1 By Caroline Ticknor

Antonio Pierro

  1. Antonio Pierro - WWI soldier at 110 Among the last survivors of an Era - from the Boston Globe (5/30/2006)
  2. article with info about Pierro's life - Oh the things you will see if you live to be 110 - from the Boston Globe (2/16/2006) -
  3. Antonio Pierro in the book The Long Way Home by David Laskin
  4. Photo of Antonio Pierro

More Sources

  1. Pro Patria means For the Fatherland in Italian. This WW1 poster targeted Italian Immigrants. Found on the Library of Congress website
  2. CNN - Photographer races clock to honor WW1 Vets
  3. Everett Gazette,"Joe Werner comes back from Berlin",March 7, 1917; April 13,1917 ,(Boston Public Library, Rare Books)
  4. Everett Gazette, Lieut. Wehner 'unsung ace',March 7,1919, ,(Boston Public Library, Rare Books)