Laptops in American History Project

Purpose: To provide technology professional development needs of high school American history teachers in Everett, Malden, and Medford, as demonstrated on the state's Technology Self-Assessment Test (TSAT).

About the project: This project was funded by a Technology Enhancement Grant through the Massachusetts Department of Education and was completed in conjunction with the Voices Rising; Assimilation and the American Experience Project. The Voices Rising projects sole purpose was to provide intensive professional development in American history content and skills only. As a result of participating in the Voices Rising project, teachers created American history project-based units that the districts’ curriculum/technology integration experts transformed into web-based units.

The high school American history teachers in the three districts, however, needed training in the implementation of these units in a one-to-one WiFi student laptop environment. This training was necessary in order to maximize demonstrated student learning on the soon-to-be-required U.S. History MCAS test.

The Laptops in the American History Classroom project provided a perfect opportunity for technology (laptops) to support the enhancement of content (American history) by providing in-depth technology-related workshops to teachers and administrators charged with effectively implementing technology into the classroom to increase student achievement, and maintaining and supporting classroom technology use, respectively.

Funding Provided by:
Technology Enhancement Competitive Grant