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Voices Rising Summer Institute Voices Rising Project

Voices Rising: Assimilation and the American Experience (2006-2009)

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2009 Project-Based Units (PBU's)

Bound by Freedom The Lowell Mill Girls Struggle for Freedom
Bound by Freedom

Grade 3

Power Concedes Nothing
Without a Demand

Grade 5

The Struggle for Freedom

Grades 7-9

Abolition in Antebellum Boston Women's Suffrage in the 19th Century
Abolition in
Antebellum Boston

Grades 9-12

Women's Suffrage in
the 19th Century

Grades 7-12

2008 Project-Based Units (PBU's)

The 2008 Saugus Iron Works The Lowell Mill Girls America's First Industrial City PBU
Saugus Iron Works
Primary Source Index

Grade 5

The Lowell Mill Girls:
Working Conditions &
the Labor Movement

Grades 7-9

America's First
Industrial City

Grade 5

Emigration and Immigration The Boston-to-Lowell Connection The Grass is Always Greener
Emigration and

Grades 9-11

Boston/Lowell Connection:
The Impact of
Transportation on
MA Industrialization

Grade 10

The Grass is Always
Greener: Farm Life
Compared to Factory
Life in 19th Century

Grade 3

2007 Project-Based Units (PBU's)

Coming to America Religious Tolerance Revolutionary Reactions
Coming to America:
What Motivates
People to Emigrate

Grade 3

Religious Tolerance in
Early America

Grades 5, 8


Grade 8

Resistance and Revolution Transatlantic Slave Trade
Resistance & Resolution:
An Exploration of Events
Leading to the American

Grade 8

Trans-Atlantic Slave
Trade in the 1700s

High School