Cell Cycle and Mitosis

Lesson Plan

State Standards:

2.6 Describe the cell cycle and the process of mitosis. Explain the role of mitosis in the formation of new cells, and its importance in maintaining chromosome number during asexual reproduction.

Essential Questions:

  1. What is the cell cycle?
  2. What would happen if mitosis did not carry out correctly (under or over stimulated)?
  3. How are new cells formed?

Lesson Question:


Do Now:(Engage)

1. Analyze the photograph below, What do you See?

external image 090327-cancer-doctor-hmed12p2.grid-6x2.jpg

2. Watch this video below, What do you See?


Complete the following lab activity: (Explore)

Lesson Experiences:

1. Watch the following video to learn about mitosis.
2. Complete this review activity.

Using the activities above, explain the process of Mitosis in a Google Doc.


Congratulations you have now completed our study of the cell cycle and mitosis. You should now be able to explain how mitosis and the cell cycle work at the cellular level. You should also be able to explain the importance of these two topics to your life. You should also be able to explain what happens when things go wrong with these processes and how that can relate to disease/disorders.


1. You will use the pop-beads to make a YouTube video that you will upload to explain the cell cycle and the process of mitosis. (Elaborate) I will check each video for accuracy. (Evaluate)


2. Students will submit their lab report online via Google Docs. (Evaluate)

3. Students will be given a project that must address ONE of the following topics in a creative way: (Extend/Evaluate)

*This is a photocopy of a handout from the Education Department at Eastern Nazarene College.

*I constructed this rubric from a similar one I received while taking graduate courses at Eastern Nazarene College.


Image Credit: Radiology and Cell Cycle