Energy Science Learning Community

Lesson 1 - Light, Heat, Sun!

Lesson Plan

Grade Level:

Grade 5

State Standards:

Grade 5 #13 and #14

Essential Question:

How is energy conserved in a chemical or a physical process?

How can you determine the amount of energy absorbed or released in a chemical or physical process?

Lesson Question:

How does Earth benefit from the sun?


Young women and men I have a mission for you! Humans have been on Earth for 6-7 million years enjoying the bounty of this marvelous planet. But they seldom think of what that nearby star, the sun, has done to make their lives possible. (Sun 4.6 billion years) You, my young friends can accept the challenge of changing all this!


Your task is to find out all the things the sun does to make life on Earth worth living.

Lesson Experiences:

First, watch this video:
"The Sun, Our Local Star- part 1"

Then you will become part of a team of 2 or 3. Each of you will be given a list of resources; you may add to the list.

Second: You will research an aspect of the sun's work - food, light, heat, water and wind. Some of you will use similar information.

Third: Your team will examine a list of websites, gather evidence and collect photos.

Fourth: You may illustrate your information with a Toon Do ( ) or other drawing or cartoon.

Fifth: You will write a rough draft of your information for review by your teacher.
( Be sure to list the websites and books you have used.)

Sixth: Your group will make a Prezi ( ) to support your ideas about the sun.

Seventh: Your group will present your Prezi to the class.

Finally, class discussion will follow the presentations. Focus on this question: What if the sun suddenly disappeared?

After you discuss your answers, watch this video. Do you agree or disagree?

"What If The Sun Disappeared?"

By Vsauce on YouTube


Now that you know more about the Sun, how does the sun make life on Earth worth living?


You will be able to....






Find 5 important facts about your focus

Find 10 good photos about your focus

Make a Prezi that contains at least 1 video.

Make a Prezi that contains at least 1 game (could be Quizlet vocabulary)

Work peacefully and quietly


1. NASA Education (for grades 5-8)

General resources.


Science on a Sphere: The Sun

3. HEA
" Hello , Sun!"

Background information and classroom activities

4. SDSC Education

Teacher notes for students.

5. American Museum of Natural History- Oolgy

This site has a variety of sun information.

6. Globio-Glosspedia

"Glossopedia is the world's first children's encyclopedia of learning that is...

All online and interactive

Child-friendly and child-specific

A colorful place for kids to discover nature, animals, science, and culture

Safe, free, at home and at school

USA Sciences, Language arts, and Technology standards aligned"

7. Discovery Kids

"The Sun"
General overview.

8. Discovery Kids

"Tell Me - How does the sun provide heat and light?"

Nuclear fusion reactions in the core of the sun provide us with heat and light.

9. Beyond Weather & the Water Cycle

Articles about the role of the sun in Earth's climate. Also has science lesson plans.

10. National Geographic Daily News

"Solar Energy Brings Food, Water, and Light to West Africa"

11. Discovery Channel: How Stuff Works

"Is there enough food on Earth to sustain the people on it?"

Jessika Toothman,.

12. Beyond Weather & the Water Cycle

"The Sun: Earth's Primary Energy Source"

Article addresses common misconceptions.

13. Scholastic Teachers

"Why Did All Dinosaurs Become Extinct?"

A summary of the latest theories among paleontologists

14. Popular Science

"If The Sun Went Out, How Long Would Life On Earth Survive?"

Article addresses the question.



Image Credits:

Sun in the Pieniny, Poland, by Bartosz Kosiorek, via Wikimedia Commons

Celestia sun ( a big yellow think), by Charles, via Wikimedia Commons

Smilie Kissen, by Factumquintus, via Wikimedia Commons

Actual sunset ( Sunset, Joshua Tree California USA ), by Jessie Eastland , via Wikimedia Comm