Energy Science Learning Community

Lesson 1 - Enzymes and Energy

State Standards:
1. The Chemistry of Life
Central Concept: Chemical elements form organic molecules that interact to perform the basic functions of life.
1.3 Explain the role of enzymes as catalysts that lower the activation energy of biochemical reactions. Identify factors, such as pH and temperature, that have an effect on enzymes.

Essential Question:


Enzymes are a class of proteins responsible for helping change chemicals from one form into another. They are found in every living organism on Earth and the work by reducing the amount of energy a chemical reaction needs to function. We will be looking at one enzyme called catalase that is changes to a dangerous molecule called hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to something much less dangerous. What do you suppose that molecule is: ___?


We will "extract" the catalase enzyme from potatoes. Watch a video on how catalase can be extracted from potatoes and produce a procedure from the video!

We will then look at the effects of changing the pH and temperature at the enzyme activity.

Use your Glogster account to make a graphic interpretation of the lab procedure as gleaned from the video above.

Make a separate glogster file of your results bar graphs with tagged comments on each bar indicating the raw data value.

Data table and lab vidcast handout

This document contains your data table and lab vidcast instruction.

Finally, you will create a set of 5 questions about your lab results on Survey Monkey, send it to your classmates, and analyze the answers.


By the close of this lab, you will be familiar with the rational of how enzymes can change and optimize a chemical reaction. You will also have gained an opportunity to see how your results are similar to that of your classmates and ask them questions or leave comments as to what they did that might have been different or similar to what your group did.


You will be able to....
Write a procedure using Glogster
All steps are represented in a graphic form
You are light on pictures but the steps are there
You included most of the steps with a couple pictures
You missed a bunch of steps and didn't include enough pictures
You didn't do one
Vidcast your lab results
All of your results were reflected with plenty of graphical evidence
All of your results were reflected with several pieces of graphical evidence
All of your results were reflected with most of your graphical evidence
Some of your results were reflected with a little graphical evidence
You didn't do one
Comment on the validity of others lab results
You left an excellent comment or question that facilitated discussion
You left a question that was easy to answer but it expanded the scope of the lab results
You left a related, but superficial comment
You left a comment but it wasn't related to the experiment
You didn't leave one
Ask important questions about your lab results
You asked 5 challenging but relevant questions
You asked 3-4 challenging but relevant questions and 1-2 easy ones
All your questions were easy but relevant
Your questions were either irrelevant or super easy
You didn't make one


Teacher Note: This can probably be expanded to more to 2-3 periods depending on the number of extension activities