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Cellular Respiration

State Standards:

2.4 Identify the reactants, products, and basic purposes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Explain the interrelated nature of photosynthesis and cellular respiration in the cells of photosynthetic organisms

Lesson Question:


Students will already have a basic understanding of photosynthesis, diffusion, osmosis, a phospholipid bilayer, an ATP/ADP conversation and basic types of energy.


During this week we will be discussing the topic of cellular respiration. We build off of photosynthesis, discuss the steps of cellular respiration and dive into some experiments that test the workings of cellular respiration.

DAY ONE & TWO: Cellular Respiration Introduction

Objectives: SWBT

Preview/Do Now:

Direct Instruction/Modeling/Class Notes:

Guided Practice & Independent Work:

Direct Instruction/Modeling/Class Notes:

Guided Practice & Independent Work:

In groups, students will be given cut-out puzzles of the process of cellular respiration and will be asked to place them in either the aerobic or anaerobic orders.
Cell Respiration cutouts thumb

Online Component:

Classroom Materials:


DAY THREE: Aerobic Exercise CO2 Investigation

Investigation Question:

Objective: SWBT





Classroom materials:


DAY FOUR: Anaerobic Respiration Exploration

Objectives: SWAT


Online component:

Classroom materials:



Over the course of a week students were able to learn and investigate the different aspects of cellular respiration. They were also able to see how cellular respiration is an everyday part of their lives.


You will be able to....
(4 Points)
(3 Points)
(2 Points)
(1 Point)
Organization of the cellular respiration process with
cut out models.
Confidently and correctly organized
Correctly organized
Somewhat able to organize
Not able to organize
Demonstrate their knowledge by filling out a guided
(scaffolded) flowchart
Fill out flowchart with no mistakes
Fill out flowchart with 1-2 mistakes
Fill out flowchart with more than 2 mistakes
Flowchart was not filled out
Create a written explanation for effects that exercise has on the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled
Strong and detailed explanation
Detailed explanation
Good explanation
Poor explanation
Complete a series of discussion question on the balloon respiration experiment.
Strong and detailed answers to questions
Well answered questions
Poorly answered questions
Did not complete
Type up a report on class IPADs and post to ourclass wiki page
Strong and detailed written posted report
Well written posted report
Poorly written posted report
Did not write and post