Introduction to Electricity and Energy

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Let's watch a video that will help you understand.


Electricity alone will not turn on the lights or the TV. In order to work, we need to create an electrical circuit.The electricity needs to travel through a wire in a close circuit to turn on a light bulb. Let's practice using this activity site.

You will need to put together batteries, wires and bulbs and create a close circuit. There are many possibilities. Your task is to turn the light bulb on. You may work with a partner or alone.

Lesson Experiences:

Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab

Now that you have practiced making different electrical circuits, you are going to become an electrician and do the asked changes within these electric circuits:

BBC: Changing Circuits


Let's review where electricity comes from.


Now that you have learned about electricity and experimented with electric circuits, lets make a Glogster of what you have learned. You can work alone or with a partner in this project. You will be presenting your Glogster to the class.
Check out this Glogster before you do yours:

This rubric is a tool to guide you through the process of a Glogster presentation.
It is a process. You might start at level 1 and develop each area until you reach level 3.


1 . Electricity Video Link:

2 . Energy Video: schoolhouse rock energy

Physics Alphabet (Energy)
F is for fuse
G is for generator
H is for heat energy
I is for insulator
J is for joule
K is for kilowatts
L is for lightning
M is for magnet
N is for nuclear
O is for ohm
P is for power, paralell
Q is for quantum
R is for resistor
S is for series
T is for tranformer
U is for utility bill
V is for voltage
W is for watts
X is for X-ray
Y is for yellow light (traffic lights)
Z is for Zone


Stage 1 Activities:
1. Electric Circuits

2. Electricity Symbols and concepts

3. Practice with new vocabulary

4. Sample: Glogster on electricity for first graders

5. Prezi - adelaine cahill on 07 August 2011
An introduction to electricity and energy to first graders


7.Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits

Interactive Site for Conductors and Insulators
BBC: Changing Circuits
BBC: Circuit Builder
BBC: Conductors and Insulators

Videos to Use for Electrical Circuits:
Brainpop Videos about Electrical Circuits

Videos from Emedia:
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Electricity
United Learning: Current Electricity (There is a video quiz after the video.)
Magic School Bus: Gets Charged
Magic School Bus: Gets Energized

Electricity Wordle
Vocabulary words to use for Wordles:
battery, complete circuit, incomplete circuit, current, conductor, insulator, pathway, power source, switch, load, light bulb, wires, electricity, circuit, current electricity, Thomas Edison